Loch Vale, Rocky Mountain National Park

(click on photo for larger view)

It’s been a busy December, with no time for an overnight trip.  There have been a number of snowshoe day trips in RMNP as well as rambles in the local foothills.  As I’m writing this, I’ve just returned from an afternoon of hiking at White Ranch. Today, I walked through tawny December grasses and tall Ponderosa pines under slate-colored skies.  A red-tailed hawk flew from treetop to treetop, finally perching high on a bare branch of an evergreen beside me.  A herd of mule deer stopped and watched as I hiked silently by.  The afternoon turned into evening, and a full moon rose over the hills.

As 2010 comes to a close, and we gather together with those closest to us, I’d like to wish family and friends, folks I’ve met on the trail, and you, the readers of Dondo Outdoors, a very happy holiday season.

6 thoughts on “December

  1. Wonderful picture and I look forward to more like it next year. Enjoy your Christmas and New Year celebrations. We’re looking forward to a very good hillwalking winter in the UK so I hope you have a few memorable winter trips too.

  2. Maria, I’m glad you’ve joined the world of blogging and am looking forward to more reports and beautiful photos from the Helsinki area. Best wishes for the new year.

    Maz, I’m eagerly awaiting the report from your next hillwalking adventure and your field review of the Peak Elite AC. Have a great year, both in the hills and with “the little man.” Something tells me he’s a very lucky guy.

    Roger, thanks. You were one of my inspirations to start blogging and continue to inspire with your photos and reports. Have a very happy new year.

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