January Photo Roundup


Clear Creek Canyon

P1220214Weathered Snag

P1250225Full Wolf Moon

P1270231Tree on Mount Falcon

P1280265Aspen Boles

P1280273Tall Ponderosa

P1280276Detail from Ponderosa Trunk

P1280282The Burn




P1280311 Homestead

P1280313Hay Rake

P1180186Reflection in Cherry Creek


Winter Sunset


4 thoughts on “January Photo Roundup

  1. Thanks, Helen. I like what you say about forcing your brain to think differently. From studying other photographers, I’m discovering that we all have a unique take on the world. Hopefully, it can get us out of our ruts of observation and have an expanded appreciation of everything around us.

  2. Thanks for that, Martin. Glad you enjoy them. I just stepped in from a cold, blustery evening where I witnessed a great sunset over the Front Range. If one in the batch of photos looks good, I’ll add it to the collection. After all, January isn’t quite over yet.

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